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Our Pastors

Ernest and Marcia Higginbotham

Our pastors, who have served our community since 2012 have pastored three churches during their 38 years of ministry together and share their calling and love of God with us in a joyful way each week.  They provide pastoral leadership through preaching, visitation, pastoral care, counseling and administration.

They are compassionate and involved leaders who tend to the needs of our church community in a myriad of ways, including services, study sessions, marriage and personal counseling, and so much more. 


We are convinced of God’s calling on our lives to pastor.  God has called us to preach and teach His Word, love and nurture His people, as well as encourage them to find and know God’s will for their lives.  We work together with our congregation to build the church and the kingdom of God.  It is our desire to be a help and a blessing to the church as well as the community around us.  We continually strive to make our church a welcoming place for all who attend and visit.

Ernest & Marcia Higginbotham

Prayer Requests

We will pray earnestly with you for God’s answer.

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